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Why join IAP2?

IAP2 USA is a professional organization that leads, advances, and advocates for best practices in public participation (P2). IAP2 offers students, individuals, groups, and government entities the opportunity to:

  • Make meaningful connections

  • Supercharge your professional growth

  • Boost your networking game

  • Earn professional certifications

  • Empower yourself with trainings and events  

Who can join IAP2?

Anyone can join! Although many of our members work in Public Engagement, Public Involvement, and Community Outreach Practitioners, you don’t need to be a P2 practitioner to join. Our vast network of members includes:


  • P2 professionals

  • Researchers

  • Professors

  • Students

  • Government Employees

  • Civil Society Representatives


IAP2 Membership offers you the unique opportunity to connect with a huge network of practitioners both nationally and locally in your own region; to learn from the only industry association dedicated to community engagement, and to be recognized as a specialist practitioner by government and industry.

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