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Chapter Officers

Our Chapter Officers are here to help! Have a specific question? Check out everyone's areas of expertise (AOE), below.

Duke Richardson - President

Avenue Consultants


AOE: Chapter Membership & Events, Committee Roles / Volunteer Opportunities, Chapter Programming 

Jordan King - Vice President

Kimley-Horn & Associates


Wendy Lowe - Treasurer
P2 Solutions


AOE: Chapter Trainings, Career Fair, IAP2 Scholarships, IAP2 USA

Kyle Strayer- Secretary
Salt Lake City Corporation

Laura Langdon - Special Projects

KLJ Engineering


Megan Waters - Communications Chair
Utah Transit Authority


AOE: Chapter Communications, Social Media

Takami Clark - Marketing / Comms Support
City of Bozeman


Kevin Stone - Montana Representative


Mitzi Miranda - Utah Representative

X-Factor Strategic Communications


David Jones - Past President

Salt Lake City Corporation 


AOE: Chapter Membership, Committee Roles/Volunteer Opportunities,

Chapter Programming

Nevada Representative - Vacant

Wyoming Representative - Vacant

Idaho Representative- Vacant

Committee positions are also available! Contact Duke Richardson to find out more. 


State Reps
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