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Intermountain Chapter

IAP2 USA is an organization that leads, advances, and advocates for best practices in public participation. It is a community for people who believe good decisions can be made together. The IAP2 USA Intermountain Chapter serves Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.


If you are interested in getting involved with this chapter please contact your State Representative (see Chapter Officers list). 

What is P2? 

IAP2 views public participation (P2) as any process that involves the public in problem solving or decision making and uses public input to make decisions.


Public Participation includes all aspects of identifying problems and opportunities, developing alternatives and making decisions. Public entities are increasingly bringing the people they serve into the decision-making process and that's where we, as P2 professionals, specialize. 

IAP2 Intermountain Membership
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Internship Opportunities

We provide internship opportunities. If you are interested, apply now by clicking the apply now button below.

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