Intermountain Chapter
IAP2 Intermountain is offering an in-person Foundations in Public Participation training in late January 2023!

IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation 
Mon., Jan. 23 - Wed., Jan. 25

IAP2 Techniques for Effective Public Participation
Thurs., Jan. 26 - Fri., Jan. 27

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IAP2 USA is an organization that leads, advances, and advocates for best practices in public participation. It is a community for people who believe good decisions can be made together. The IAP2 USA Intermountain Chapter serves Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.

What is IAP2?

Chapter Elections

Nominations Now Open

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If you are interested in getting involved, please contact a chapter representative.

Call for Nominations

The Intermountain Chapter of IAP2 will be holding Chapter Officer elections in December 2022 for the upcoming term starting in January 2023.


Nominations are being accepted now through December 9, 2022. 

Chapter Officer Positions


Vice President



State Representatives

  • Utah State Rep

  • Idaho State Rep

  • Montana State Rep

  • Nevada State Rep

  • Wyoming State Rep

Communications Chair 

Marketing/Comms Support

Special Projects Chair 

Past President 

Please note, all nominees must be a member of IAP2 in good standing. Curious about your membership status? Reach out to

Interested in serving on the Board? Fill out a nominations form:

Roles and Responsibilities

The IAP2 Intermountain Chapter board of officers provides the opportunity to practice leadership skills, network with professionals, and contribute to making our chapter an organization that provides professional value to members.


Each position is a two-year term with responsibilities as follows: 


  • Establishes vision and goals for the chapter

  • Serves as chapter liaison to IAP2 USA

  • Convenes chapter-wide meetings/events and monthly Board of Officers calls 

  • Sees that all orders and resolutions of the Chapter Board of Officers are carried into effect

  • Oversees general charge of the business, affairs, and property of the Chapter and general supervision over its other officers

Vice President

  • Assists the President with programs

  • Participates in the development and execution of membership recruitment programs, including providing assistance to state representatives for membership recruitment

  • Leads the development of a Chapter conference, to take place in the off years of the IAP2 North America Conference

  • Acts in the President's position when the President is unable to perform duties 


  • Accounts for allocation of Chapter funds

  • Prepares annual financial report to IAP2 USA

  • Manages Chapter funds using QuickBooks


  • Maintains the membership mailing list

  • Drafts, designs, and coordinates correspondence with members 

  • Drafts and distributes Chapter Board of Officers meeting minutes

  • Keeps accurate document records for Chapter

State Representatives (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming)

  • Acts as an official representative for IAP2 members residing in their state

  • Coordinates local activities 

  • Conducts member recruitment 

Communications Chair

  • Compiles monthly newsletters for distribution 

  • Creates advertising materials for Chapter events

  • Manages Chapter social media accounts and website 

Marketing/Comms Support

  • Assists Chapter Communications Chair in all duties

Special Projects Chair 

  • Organizes and oversees additional Chapter services (Scholarships, Career Fair, etc.)

Past President

  • Advises the Chapter Board of Officers

Committee Positions

Interested in participating but not necessarily looking to serve on the board? Check out our Committee Positions! 

  • Welcoming Committee

  • Events/Social Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Training Committee

  • Special Projects Committee

Questions about Committee positions? Reach out! 

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